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  • Sant Magí Tarragona

  • Sant Magí Tarragona

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  • Tarraco Viva

  • Tarraco Viva -  Gladiators

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  • TARRACO VIVA - Augustus the God
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  • The Night of Sant Joan
  • TARRACO VIVA - legions, thespians and music
  • TARRACO VIVA - Gladiators
  • TARRACO VIVA - The return of Bacchus

Tarraco Viva – Augustus the God

Tarraco Viva festival, Tarragona

This is  the year Tarraco Viva comes of age, and the homage to Augustus has proven so far an exceptional platform enabling the spectator to explore in full the depth of  Roman society and its times.

Tarraco Viva – Augustus and the power of the mask

Tarraco Viva, Roman history brought alive, Tarragona

The centerpiece of the sixteenth edition of the Tarraco Viva festival  in Tarragona is the replica of the Ara Pacis, the Altar of Augustan Peace, faithfully recreated and centre stage of “Augustus and the power of the mask”, a one and half hour historical presentation given by the festival’s director Magí Seritjol, and based the life of the Emperor Augustus.