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Santa Tecla 2014 – day 3

Santa Tecla Tarragona

There is gentler side to the Santa Tecla festivities in Tarragona which is provided by an evening of Catalan folk dance re-enactments which are held on a stage in Plaça de la Font. And if you thought Catalan dance was just Sardanas think again.

Santa Tecla 2014 – day 2

Santa Tecla Tarragona

Santa Tecla in Tarragona has a very hedonistic side which culminates with the Baixada del Àliga which this year runs on the 21st.  As a prelude to this we have a new contender, the Cercabirra de Tarragona, in which thousands take to the streets in a wild beer stop chase.

Santa Tecla 2014 – day 1

Santa Tecla, day 1, Tarragona

Santa Tecla 2014 is finally on the way and the first day saw a display of four groups of human towers followed by the “crida” the official inauguration which went off with a bang!