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  • Festival Internacional Dixieland Tarragona
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Festival Internacional Dixieland Tarragona

 Festival Internacional Dixieland Tarragona

The  Festival Internacional Dixieland Tarragona came it to full swing last weekend with the dizzy tunes overlapping the sombre processions of  Palm Sunday. Now in its 20th edition, the Festival Internacional Dixieland Tarragona is a galvanising event which peaks at the weekend with bands performing all over the old city.

Tarragona Restaurant Wine

Tarragona Restaurant Wine is the latest gastronomic initiative to fill the plates and glasses of Tarragona’s gastro circles.  Running from the 19th of March till the 4th of April it offers a selection of 13 different local wines which can be sampled by the glass in accompanies by an excellent three course meal in  21 different restaurants.

Tarragona, Els Tres Tombs 2014

Els Tres Tombs, Tarragona

The Rambla Nova of Tarragona was the stage of the annual arrival of horses and traditional carts for what is known as Els Tres Tombs, an ancient  ritual dedicated to Sant Anthony Abat. It consists in doing three lapses around a designated area and takes place in many Catalans towns and cities.

The monastery of Poblet, Catalonia

poblet monastery catalonia

You get a sense of chill when entering the portal of the monastery of Poblet, a sense of secrecy and silence  which permeates every step of your way. Poblet lies a mere 30 minutes drive from Tarragona, beyond the industrial landscape  and deep in to the foot hills of the mountains of Prades, surrounded by peace and the past.

Tarragona Carnival: Behind the scenes

Tarragona Carnival

It’s not just the main parades that make the Tarragona Carnival what it is;  the whole city takes part and those who don’t almost look out of place confined in to their black and grey world when all else goes technicolor.  I wanted to capture some of this collective emotion, this great ability of doing things together which is symbiotic to living here and be part of it.

Tarragona Carnival: the final act

Tarragona Carnival

The  last day of the Tarragona Carneval is a mixture of the irreverent, profane and right down apocalyptic with the first Correfoc of the year. But first comes the wake of Carnestoltes, the allegoric king of the Carnival, his unapealing body in full view of those who have come to gaze and pay their last homages.

Tarragona Carnival: the big picture

tarragona carnival

The glam feast which is the Tarragona Carnival got underway last weekend with a gigantic mile long exhotic catwalk. The event, which stretches over two days, is an uplifting spell of colour, glitz and gloss; thousands taking part in what is, undoubtedly, Tarragona´s most glamorous moment of the year.