Tarragona Carnival 2013

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With barely two weeks to go, the beautiful new poster of the Carneval of Tarragona 2013 has just been released, and  it’s the best so far with its dark and surreal tones and cryptic imagery.

Needless to say that, speaking of Carneval Poster wars, it leaves Reus biting the dust big time :)

Despite being looked down withing the Tarragona purist circles as a bit too south of the border, the Tarragona Carnival is an amazing effort involving thousand of people rehearsing almost a year ahead for the big occasion, and it brings everyone together in a cacophony of music, dance, glitter and feathery costumes extravaganza.

Here is are some visual tasters from last year

This Blog will be there to cover as much of the event as possible so here, in the meantime is a bit of a preview.

Carnival Programme


Courtesy of eDance.es – Carnaval Tarragona 2013

Images from last year