Baixada del Pajaritu 2013

536991_400411770041562_1699063167_nThe Baixada del Pajaritu ( the Descent of the Parrot),  a mad race down the hill  in hand made, ramshackle contraptions, has become one of the main features of the Tarragona Carnival. With a mixture of political satire, comedy and alternative music, the Baixada is a reminder of the sharp irony which used to be the main theme of the Carnival before it became the exuberant Rio type parade.

The main area of the event is the slope which hides the underground parking of Jaume 1 (see map below) and this year the Baixada del Pajaritu will take place over two days, the 8th and the 9th of February.

Friday, the  8th of February will see the opening of ‘Village of the Pajaritu’ , a space of music and entertainment for all ages.  This is followed at 18:00 by the Rua Capicua, where ‘tot s’hi val’ anything goes where satirical dressed characters will parade around the square and at 19:00 hours we have the Master of Ceremonies opening the Freak Karaoke Show and the first ever Ball de Confeti where 300 Kg of confetti will be thrown about by revelers!  At 21:30 the ‘Premis a les millors Disfresses’ prize for the best costume will be given out with the party fizzling out at 10 pm ready for the next big day.

Saturday the 9th of February the Village of the Pajaritu opens its door at 10:00 with plenty of music and food available. 11:30 will see the arrival of participant and contraption of the mad race, getting in to line and making the last adjustment to their ‘vehicles’ ready for take off!

12:00 sees the start of the 8th edition of the race where all participants will try to get to the bottom of the hill in one piece and in the fastest possible time. There are 12 categories and 12 different prizes which will be dished out from a podium with great fanfare at the end of the race.

At 13:15  Vermout Musical will kick in keeping the crowds entertained while the judges deliberate their awards (serious tension here!) with the official award ceremony taking place at 14:00 hrs. After that you can hang around the village eating and snacking away while you wait for the beginning big carnival parade to kick of from central Tarragona.

Official video of this year event

Video of last year’s event

Map of Location

Images of last year’s event



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