Disfressa d’Or Spectacular


The Disfressa d’Or is almost a cat walk, or  preview, of the spectacular costumes, sound and dance routines that will take over the Tarrgona Carneval this weekend.

On a stage erected at the Palau Ferial of Tarragona the 17 Colles  which have dedicated an immense amount of energy and free time in creating the choreography and customs, unveiled this year Carnival extravaganza . One by one they appeared on stage  in an event which would not looked out of place at the Cirque du Soleil – some acts were dreamy, other straight out of the Rio Carneval, other from the Jungle Book, Imperial China and the last of the Mohican.

Wild and intoxicating, perfectly executed, dancing in and out the strobing lights and theatrical fog, these are the everyday  boys and girls  transformed in to magic performers,  the superstars of Tarragona  for one unforgettable weekend.



september, 2016

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