The drums of Easter


The drums have start rolling  in Tarragona for  the run up to the Holy Week at the end of this month, giving a audible cadence to the heart beat of the city. It is an ageless sound which alerts the imminent passing of a procession carrying the heavy timber floats on which the statues of the saints are still shrouded by a white cover.

This is the most solemn time in the Tarragona calendar; gone is the spontaneity, the music, the leisurely chatter. It is as if an invisible veil has fallen over the city as everyone stops in its tracks to listen to the drummers and the silent processions rehearsing for the Procession of Sant Enterrament on Good Friday.

Yesterday, presented by the Gremi de Marejants, the cultural and historical organisation behind this event,  five groups of processional drummers performed in Pla de la Seu in front of  several hundred people sat on the steps. For one hour Tarragona turned the clock back by centuries as the drummers, each group representing a specific district of the city, performed their piece,  as if announcing the arrival of invisible armies from the quiet sky above.



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