Semana Santa Via Crucis Procession


Living in the heart of Tarragona this time of the year is an almost otherworldly experience. Night falls, the street fill with trembling lights and whispers as another procession sets off carrying a large cross, accompanied by the mournful sounds of an orchestra.

It’s the Via Crucis Processional  organised by three local congregations; onlookers line the narrow streets arching their neck to get a glimpse of something which seems to have sprung out from the middle ages. There is a faint smell of  incense and melting wax, the procession stops for prayer than starts again, silently carrying the effigy on Jesus on the  Cross  down the winding streets to the Cathedral. It feels like a very private moment, so removed from the grand  dark spectacle of Santo Etierro of Easter Friday which is only four days away.

The procession ends at the foot of the small church of Sant Magi, which was once at the heart of the fishing quarter before it was moved down to the Serrallo. Candles are blown, children take their robes off as if free of a heavy weight and disperses in the street with screams and laughter.


This is Tarragona!

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