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a bite of Peix Blau

Peix Blau is a gastronomic event organised by Tarragona Gastronomica in order to promote this very local catch, the Peix Blau,  a type of sardine unique to these waters.
29 local restaurants are offering a bespoke tasting menu based  on this versatile fish and ranging from 20 to 30 Euros a meal. So, in reference to an outstanding Tapas on offer last month, we thought to pay L’Orangerie du Marais a second visit and see what they came up with this time.

First on this taster menu was an entrée of thinly sliced smoked salmon served with avocado and anchovy ‘caviar’ which could have done with a little extra in the flavour department;  this was amply compensated by the second offering, a delicate carpaccio  of Peix Blau  served with anchovies and deep fried sorrel and brie dumplings, all drizzled with a lime and black salt vinaigrette.

Next on the menu was and intriguing grilled anchovy fillets served on a bed of caramelised melon garnished with pickled gherkin specks followed by skewer of bonito (a small variety of tuna)  served with caramelised peaches in a fragrant pepper sauce.

Dessert was initially a bit disappointing with an arty plate of two strawberry fritters drizzled by overpoweringly sugary caramel and strawberry sauce but… (and there is a truth in keeping the best for last), before the curtains descended on this meal, came a truly stunning strawberry mojito 3 texture number served in a flute: a combination of mousse, reduced sauce and candyfloss wonder.

Peix Blau runs from form the 1st to the 17 of June  here in Tarragona.

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