Restaurant Almosta, the natural way

Almosta is tiny, energetic eatery, hidden away in Carrer Ventallos No.13.

The first thing you notice, when you walk in, is the display of natural wines that frame a large blackboard listing the dishes of the day. It’s a strong clue to the food concept of this establishment: proximity, locally sourced quality ingredients served in the form of tapas you can share with friends or eat on your own.

Almosta is the brainchild of Berna Rios, a multitasking maverick who is also the leader of a local rock band and the owner of a funeral parlour. A few years back he realised something was missing from his life and the culinary offerings available in Tarragona so, under the tutelage of renowned chef Albert Marimon he set up Almosta at a whim. It worked and the small restaurant is now a mandatory stop for all the food and wine connoisseurs passing through.

Natural wine is one of the selling point: brought in from next door  Priorat, Terra Alta, Conca de Barbera, and sometime further afield each bottle is bit of an unpredictable adventure. It took me a bit to get used to its wild undertones but now it makes traditionally produced wine tastes almost bland in comparison.

The food is all about proximity: the fish comes from the sea at our doorstep and is landed fresh every morning. You get sardines, squids, sashimi of bonito,  the meat is organic and comes from local farms and the bread comes from Tarragona’s  own award winning artisanal baker Jordi Andreu.

I leave you with a visual epilogue of some of the dishes I have encountered here so far:
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