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Artisanal Oli del Raig

If you happen to be in Tarragona this time of the year don’t miss out on the  Oli del Raig, a sumptuous, unfiltered,  first press, artisanal olive oil, made from the small but packed with flavor Arbequina olives, which are harvested and pressed locally in the Tarragonese .

We bought two bottles, one  from the Celler el Masroig  deep in the Priorat heartland where  arguably the most outstanding wine in Catalonia is produced, the other made by Coselva, an agricultural cooperative close to Reus.   When you’ll taste Oli del Raig every other olive oil will pale in comparison; it has a unique intense fruity, peppery, nutty depth and carries the earthy qualities of the Mediterranean soil. Fantastic just a dip or drizzled on a toasted piece of bread, this will take your taste buds in to oily nirvana.  But be aware, it’s available for only for a few weeks before the filtered version takes it place.

You can get this at Vins i Licors Jove’ in the Part Alta and the little wine shop in Plaça del Rei, where it’s sold in deceptively unassuming plastic bottles and will set up back at just under five euros for a liter.

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