Baixada del Pajaritu 2013

The Baixada del Pajaritu took off in its usual spirit of anarchy where anything goes as long as it can roll down a hill.  Supported by a jazzy pop soundtrack churned out by two torero DJ’s , the   multi made contraptions made it to the finishing line, some even in one piece.

Tarted up Shopping trolleys and scateboards,  a wedding cake, cardboard fire engines, giant watering can, confetti propelled jet engine, rockets, teddy bears and even a roman chariot were cheered on by the large colorful crowd watching from the makeshift arena of the Jaume 1st car park.

As this is a seriously serious business, a row of stern looking judges took notes on each of the entries as nothing short of 12 different prizes is given out at the solemn award ceremony; by then the vermouth and beer started flowing, confetti started flying,  as this is Tarragona’s Carnival and everyone is having fun.

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