Baixada del Pajaritu 2015

The Baixada del Pajarutu (wich traslates as the descent of the birdie) is back racing  down the hill with unbridled enthusiasm, anarchy and fun!  

Another Carneval in Tarragona and an epic platoon of Stormtroopers has just been declared winner of this year’s Baixada. They stole the show leaving the rest of the competitor biting dust.

It was an epic event which included a rickety train, some kind of circus, gangly paramedics, fish welding teams, strongmen, green men, beardy blondes in stripy skirts, a team of owls, pirates, human onions etc, racing down the Baixada de la Peixateria of old Tarragona without crashing straight into the bales of hay which mark the perimeter of the circuit.

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