Books and roses for Sant Jordi

Today, 23rd of April, is Sant Jordi, also known here as ‘the day of Books’ or ‘the day of Roses’ and the thing to do is to give a book to your man and a rose to your favourite girl (needless to say, a lot of girls buy their own rose to get in to the spirit of things).

Although, traditionally, it was only the rose (given here together with an ear of wheat), the book was added in the 1920’s because this day also marks the death of Cervantes and Shakespeare, so the booksellers in Catalonia decided to give a twist to the event by adding literature to it.

Here in Tarragona, the Rambla is packed with stalls selling books and roses; there are also  local charities, community organisations and political fringe groups doing their bit to make you like Engels and Marx.

Kids get balloons, there is live music, everyone is in a good mood and the sun is shining: happy Sant Jordi!