Disfressa d’Or 2017


Is it a bird, is it a plane? No,It’s the Disfressa d’Or, Tarragona’s glossy feathery pageantry and prelude to the carnival this weekend!

As always the arena was sold out, the many  supporters among the cheering public had come from all over the neighbourhood to lend their backing to their favourite groups.

The steely presenter Doña Soledad (aka León de Salazar in drags),  announced each act with acid aplomb and one by one each group came and went under the stern scrutiny of the jury and the adoration of their followers.

We got techno-feathers, jungle feathers, Brazil feathers and everything goes feathers, so many feathers in fact that one may wonder why there is not a special prize for the biggest feathery display of them all, something that  this year would have been undoubtedly won by Residencial Palau with their ‘Aves del paraiso’, Birds of Paradise, their leading dame sporting the largest  headdress of the entire show.

Of the 18 acts some stood out more than others: personal favourites include the homage to Bollywood by the  Amics de la Part Alta, the lively far west saloon by Aquí hi ha marro, the tribute to Batman by Colours Fantasy and the Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters by Estudi Dansa Montserrat.

At the end though is was La Magia dels Hadas´by  Cromatic Fusion who walked away with the first prize, the jury in awe with the gigantic glossy pumpkin carriage and the ballet of mice  straight out of Disney.