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Catalan National Day in Tarragona

Catalan National Day in Tarragona

Guilty to say that Tarragona Blog missed a a chunk of the Catalonian Day festivities held in Tarragona due to the impending march setting off in Barcelona, which we thought would be too important to miss (a blogger got to do what a blogger got to do). But Tarragona did its bit with a fantastic castellers display in Pla de Seu in front of the Cathedral at which all four collas (castellers groups based in Tarragona) took part.

Several stalls located between Placa del Forum and Carrer Major were selling Catalan themed t-shirts, flags and memorabilia, including the always imaginative Artesane Florae  with their subtly Catalan flag themed floral offerings. There was music on the streets and food served on long rows of tables waiting to be shared by all those invited.

Presently the Catalan flag is prominent almost at every corner, with  windows, balconies, shop fronts, monuments and cakes adorned in the national stripes.  The design has its origin in the 9th century when the wounded Guifré el Pelós  (Wilfred the Hairy), who gave way to  the House of Barcelona, drew the four iconic red bars on a shield by dipping his fingers  in his own blood, and thus the flag of Catalunya was born.

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