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Celebrating Sant Roc in Tarragona

Sant Roc procession in Tarragona

Sant Roc is a local festival celebrated at the heart in the Carrer de Cos de Bou, located in the Part Alta of Tarragona. It runs over a period of 6 days in honour of Sant Roc, the local patron of the barrio and one of its main attraction is the parade of giant representation including  a king, queen, bishop, sun and moon, dwarfes and other strange creatures preceded by a fire spitting dragon and carried in a procession around he old city.

But the Sant Roc celebration is also about children with old fashion games like hitting a suspended terracotta pot and taking part in their own processions. There is plenty of live music each evening as people gather around long rows of set tables to share food and drinks.

Children playing at Sant Roc celebration, Tarragona

Here you can also sample the traditional light and fluffy coca of San Roc which tastes like a tangy brioche (and pefect when dunked in a café con leche although this is probably a bit of a heresy).

Coca de Sant Roc, Tarragona

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