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Chartreuse ice cream

With the start of Summer ice cream becomes as mandatory as cold beer, and Tarragona has it’s own fair share of ice cream parlors competing with flavours.

Raffa Gelati is a favorite because of the huge variety of on offer (50 + flavours) and because they are the only one who dish out a very subtle Chartreuse ice cream, as a testament to Tarragona’s heritage in producing the fabled drink.

Raffa Gelati chartreuse ice cream first came to our attention during the dTapes Festival in April; there it was served is a gorgeous glass dish with hazelnut ice cream and  roasted caramelized hazelnuts on the side, which was a revelation.

Located at two of the prime spots of the city ( one next to the Meditarranean Balcony and one down at the Serrallo), Raffa is a mandatory guilty pleasure stop for locals and visitors alike in need of some cooling and a little treat.

STOP PRESS: we have just been reliably informed that Raffa Gelati has just launched the Raffaello, a mouth watering creation of coconut, almonds and seriously dark chocolate… may have to write a follow up!


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