Christmas lights

Tarragona is a very atmospheric city and it comes to it’s own at night with lanterns and early 20th century street lights giving a real ambiance to it’s landscape. So it’s little wonder that the Christmas lighting is taken with an equal importance and the new Rambla is filled with fairy lights wrapped around the trees and more, resembling Chinese lanterns are suspended over the walkway.

Each street is a little different with some using coloured lights suspended between lampposts and others using elegant white lights shaped in to spheres, stars and pendants (like in Placa de la Font) for a little bit of magic. Currently a small market located further down the new Rambla sells everything you need to make your home Christmassy, from nativity scenes, fir trees, moss, cagatiós (logs with a face painted on which the kids beat with a stick on Christmas day in order to force the log to expel it’s hidden presents) and caganers (the shitting sheppard, an irreverent addition to the nativity scene which is unique to Catalonia).