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Correfoc of Santa Tecla

The closing act of Santa Tecla is the correfoc,  with devils and dragons and the firework finale!

If you have not been here before you will probably wonder what is going on: kids and young adults bundled up with straw hats, goggles, and scarves on their faces, the standard equipment when you throw yourself into a correfoc.  I also came prepared with leather shoes and an old wax jacket, a pair of mangled jeans and cotton shirt, ancient eyewear, tatty hat, scarf to to protect my face a, ear plugs, pitted lense filter, spare change for several beers and house keys stuffed in the rear pocket.

5 groups of Ball de Diable, devil dancers,  and 6 fire beasts encircle de upper part of the rambla in a pandemonium of ear shattering explosions and flares before all begins to  run towards the balco del mediterrani followed by the advancing crackle of explosion which engulfs the central part of the circuit. Propped against the statue of Roger de Lauria a large board with VISCA SANTA TECLA  is set to light and behind it a shower of fireworks.

To all the Santa Tecla revellers, see you next year!

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