Dancing through the night at Sant Magi

Rocking the Cathedral at Sant Magi, Tarragona
With share energy bursting through the arteries of the old city, here comes the music at Sant Magi. There are several focus point dotted around the city each taking turn to make Tarragona burst through its seams!

And the musical menu caters for all tastes: choirs, 60′ pop bands, popular ballades in Placa de la Font, Sardanas and Flamenco on the Rambla Nova, Rock at the Cathedral, Funk at Cos de Bou, Reggae and Ska at the Pasaje de les Palmeras and Samba and Brass bands walking the streets.

This is a whole night musical event for Sant Magi, the second biggest festival in Tarragona after Santa Tecla, an event where sound and water are closely linked (still trying to find out more about the connection and what exactly is Sant Magi so stay tuned and come back to this page at a later date).

More coming up today with the “Arribada de l’aigua i les revetlles” with regattas at sea, processions and the Revetlla Remullada, essentially music under a gigantic shower!

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