International Festival of Dixieland 2013


The growing rumors is that Tarragona is fast becoming one heck of a place to see and to be seen and the Dixieland festival, which ends  this evening,  just adds to the aura.

It was back after one years of absence and for two long weekends it filled the old walls with the sound of shuffling jazz and trumpeting groovy love. It could not bring greater contrast to the dramatically mournful Easter processions with its irreverent tunes blasting away from bars, restaurants and squares.

I takes some beating sitting in a sunny Plaça de la Font or Plaça del Forum with the knowledge that half of Europe is under the grip of a second ice age, and  tucking in local vermouth, tapas and listening to the ripples of dizzy jazzy tunes.

Today final treats include the Sit Jazz Band, the Storyville Jass Band, Tarragona’s home grown Stromboli Jazz Duet , Jordi Barceló and Los 3 Juanetes del Apocadixie.