Tarragona Carnival

Tarragona has two great carnivals rolled in to one: one with spectacular giant floats, exotic dancers and costumes in which thousands take part, and one based on traditional anarchic values which includes a race of makeshift cars on Saturday starting at Plaça del Rei and the unmissable burning finale of the grotesque king and queen in Plaça de la Font.

The epicentre of the Tarragona Carnival 2017 is on the the following days:

Saturday 25th
12:00  La Baxiada del Pajaritu where you can watch makeshift cars racing down a steep hill starting at Plaça del Rei.
18:00 La Rua de l’Artesania, where giant floats, thousand of dancers dressed in glitter costumes parade along the main streets including de Rambla nou.

Sunday  27th
19:00 La Rua de Lluïment a repeat of the spectacular Saturday parade with the best acts taking part and concentrated around the Rambla nou.

Tuesday 28th
21:40 L’Enterrament  del Rei Carnestoltes amb la Crema del  Ninot, la Ninota i la Bóta encesa pels  Cremallers, the burning of the Kind and Queen of the Carnaval in Plaça de la Font with spectacular apocalyptic display of the Ball de Diable, Vibria, Drac, Bou and the Colla diables Voramar del Serrallo.