Firework competitions lights up the night sky

The last night of Tarragona’s fireworks competition is fast approaching with a French pyrotechnic team blowing up the the sky for this evening grand for this evening grand finale.

The consensus is that, so far, these have been some of the best fireworks anyone can remember. They rise from the beach to far above the city setting the sky on fire with exploding lights before being swallowed by the darkness of the sea and it’s the latter which makes the whole show so powerful.

From private terraces, the elegant Passeig de les Palmera, the garden leading down the the Roman amphitheater,  the motorway curve above, to the long stretch of the Platja del Miracle everybody is watching, wrapped  in twenty minutes of wonderment.

The best place is on the beach, sitting on the warm sand under the shower of falling sparks. People come down for a pick nick, a few bottles of wine, food and friends. Then the street lights are switched off and for a brief moment Tarragona descends in to total darkness. And then the fireworks start.

When the last three flares are released to signal the end of the spectacle the whole seafront of Tarragona erupts in an immense applause.


PS. The event was closed by the French Pirotecnica Eurobengale, whose display paled  in comparison to the stunning efforts from the Valencia and  Girona teams as they lacked the virtuoso imagination and bombastic crescendo seen in previous nights. Flat French fizz sums it up.  Despite the last bit these four days  fireworks were among the most spectacular ever seen on Platja del Miracle in Tarragona.


PPS. More news just in! The winner of this year’s Tarragona Firework’s Competition is the Pirotecnia Valenciana with their stunning Friday display, one of the best I have ever seen. The other highly impressive Pirotècnia Gironina which performed on Thursday came second,  with Europlá third. Bravoooo!

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