Greg Gorman Exhibition

Hollywood comes to Tarragona in the form and vision of American photographer Greg Gorman.

The exhibition which opened at the beginning of this month, brings one face to face with a collection spanning four decades of work, including over two hundred photographs featuring the instantly recognizable but also black and white alluring studies of the human form.

The portraits are of course centre stage, and defy cultural and geographical barriers. Shot is his unique style they bring out the irony, charisma but also vulnerability: Marlon Brando sober, pale, somehow defeated, a Michael Jackson behind black lace work, David Bowie with a tear of sweat (or is it tear of sorrow) running down the left of his face.

The nudes are classical in their quintessential beauty: dancers, almost like satyrs run along the walls, their bodies, perfectly lit, perfectly accomplished, strong, yet strangely fragile at the notion that time, at the end, erases everything.

Hosted at Tinglado 1 along the harbour in Tarragona, and overlooking oversized arab yachts, the Greg Gorman exhibition runs until the the 5th of April 2015.