Castles, towers and pillars

Human towers and walking pillars for the last day of Santa Tecla. 

It’s  shorter than a standard human towers event but you get to see something exceptional:  the walking towers.

In  the packed square at the foot of the cathedral  the for collas of Tarragona give battle by rising two towers each accompanied by the sound of the toc de Castells.  After that, each in turn will send a four level pillar up the stairs leading to the cathedral and then down again heading all the way to the city hall, at the far end of plaça de la Font.

It’s a remarkable feat of balance and strength when a walking pillar makes it to the end; most tend to tumble as it happened this year with the normally strongest groups, the Xiquets de Tarragona and the Colla Jove.

Once the pillar arrives at the feet of the town hall the little kid on the top is raised up to the balcony  to great cheers and jubilation.