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Human Towers

Castles, towers and pillars

Castles, towers and pillars

Human towers and walking pillars for the last day of Santa Tecla. 

Concurs de Castells 2014

Concurs de Castells 2014

Every two years one of the most extraordinary competitions in the world is held here in Tarragona: the Concurs de Castells, the Human Tower competition.

Human Towers at the Serrallo


Concluding a week where Human Castles have been the most predominant feature of the city  as part of the Setmana dels Castells, a last showdown took place at the Serrallo, the fishing port of Tarragona.

Human Towers annual competition

Human Towers competition Tarragona

The 24th edition of the annual human towers competition took place over the weekend at the arena in Tarragona with 32 collas of Castellers taking part.

Human Towers at Sant Roc

One of the great privileges of living in Tarragona, is to watch the Collas build castells “human towers”, this spectacular feat of balance, strength and human engineering which is unique to Catalonia.  From atop a balcony it looks like the inverse making of a flower, it’s petals embedded in the ground and the stem raising up in to the sky.

National Castellers Competition

This edition of the  National Castells Competition (Concurs de Castells) will take place over two days, the 6th and the 7th of October and it’s going to be huge with thirty groups taking part.

The Xiquets de Tarragona

Spectacular display of the The Xiquets de Tarragona today showing their incredible Castellers skills.  The beautiful thing about this art is the share dedication, concentration and energy of everyone involved in the task of building up the towers. It’s a common effort and everyone plays a part and it can only succeed if the foundation are sound and strong.

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