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International day of Ballet at the Balcó del Mediterrani

Tarragona has a way of drawing indelible pictures on your heart. Sometime they comes from nowhere,  like a face in a window which then withdraws and disappears behind the curtains.  Other times it’s an euphoric impromptu, like 200 student ballerinas doing a coordinated open air exercise, using the railing of  he Balcó del Mediterrani as a dancing implement.

Before they started one of the teachers red verses about ballet and freedom. And what better setting than the Balcó del Mediterrani to express just this, with it’s 40 metres backdrop in to the blue sea.

The idea started in 2000 when one of the ballet teachers at the local association set up to promote dance in Tarragona,  thought of  a “unique act, completely different to those presented by other cities to celebrate the International Day of Ballet”.

So here it is: the blue horizon and a moment of poetry.

For more information see the article on the Vanguardia (in Spanish)

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