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  • Dixieland in Tarragona

    Dixieland in Tarragona

International Festival of Dixieland

The international festival of Dixieland sees local and internationals ensembles playing in a variety of venues around Tarragona. The best part is during the weekend when the festival spills out into streets and squares in a party like atmosphere.

International Festival of Dixieland 2014

 Festival Internacional Dixieland Tarragona

The  Festival Internacional Dixieland Tarragona came it to full swing last weekend with the dizzy tunes overlapping the sombre processions of  Palm Sunday. Now in its 20th edition, the Festival Internacional Dixieland Tarragona is a galvanising event which peaks at the weekend with bands performing all over the old city.

International Festival of Dixieland 2013


The growing rumors is that Tarragona is fast becoming one heck of a place to see and to be seen and the Dixieland festival, which ends  this evening,  just adds to the aura.

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