Tapas season in Tarragona

Tarragona takes its Tapas reputation seriously and this is why we have not just one, but two Tapas events running next to each other this month: dtapes and tap Alta.
But let’s focus on dtapes: from the 19th of April to the 6th of May we have the fourth edition of the event  which takes you around some of the best eateries in town – tapas hopping!

For a mere 2.50 euros you get a gourmet tapas and a drink and there are over 50+ diminutive gastronomic creations on offer.

Each restaurant taking part has its entry tapas on sale from 12 to 14 hour and then again from 19 a 23 hours – closed on Monday.

First step

Go on this fine website: http://www.dtapes.com/2012/tapes.php, choose the tapas area you want to explore (e.g. the Serallo, Central Tarragona or the Part Alta) and click on each specific tapas image for details and where to get it from, then set off on a gastronomic adventure! If you register on the site you can even vote on your favourite one.

The aim is, of course, to go to taste the lot but for those who do not know what to expect here is a selection of tasty images (courtesy of www.dtapes.com) to wet your appetite:

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Images are by dtapes
Links on the event: on Facebook  and website www.dtapes.com