La Rua de l’Artesania

La Rua Artesania  is one of the most spectacular events that take place in Tarragona during the Carnival. The parade  runs through the main artery of Tarragona and thousands covered in glitter and feathers take part.

The costumes, music and dance routine change every year and this year, amongst this bloggers favorites,  were the Steam Punk group and a sophisticated nod to Imperial China which included a winding dragon.

Imagination runs wild here but it’s the share number of dancers which set it apart from other carnivals seen so far. People of all ages join the ranks, paint their bodies dipped in to gold and stripes and become lions, martians, humming birds, Victorian travelers, Vikings, princesses, fire flames, Mayan warriors and … dancing palm trees. The degree of rehearsal behind all this is breathtaking, and starts almost a year ahead. This is a fierce competition for best act and the coveted prizes are handed out on Tuesday evening  after  the bonfire has consumed the King and Queen of the Carneval in Plaça de la Font.

There is a great participation from the public as almost every second person you run in to has morphed in to some unusual being; you get popes and barbies, cooks and smurfs, 60’s cutouts, squids, ballerinas and martians engulfed in gusts of confetti which by the end of the evening will cover every main corner of Tarragona.

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