Mercat De Santa Rita


Today a  new quirky seasonal market has graced a little corner of the old city: the  Mercat De Santa Rita, a collection of bohemian, green footed offerings courtesy of the  many artists, designers and hoarders which populate the heart of Tarragona.

Tarragona already features two notable bric a brac markets, one taking place on the lower Rambla every Friday and one held on Sunday around the grounds of the Cathedral but the Mercat de Santa Rita is a welcome addition. We don’t know exactly whose brainchild it is but La Gallette (great little designer gift shop) and La Cocotte are the prime suspect (!) as there was plenty of trademark retro shabby chic on display: from polka dot teapots, old magazines and posters, discarded designer clothes, shoes and typewriters it was good visual fun, merrily  interspersed with trays of highly edible cupcakes and other familiar Cocotte offerings.

Hopefully this quirky second hand market will become a regular feature of the old city providing a valuable alternative to all things lost and found; so it’s happy birthday Mercat de Santa Rita, happy birthday to you!

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