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Montsant wine on the Rambla

Montsant wine on the Rambla, Tarragona

Montsant and Priorat are unashamedly, one of the most prestigious wine growing regions in Europe, yet their fantastic output is largely unknown to the wider wine squaffing confraternities. In the Montsant area, set in the rural hills surrounding Tarragona, there are about 50 different small,  passionate and dedicated wine makers,  producing  truly distinctive rich and intense reds  to which  the granite and slate subsoil gives a unique edge.

The one day tasting session ‘Tast de vins DO Montsant’ organised on the Rambla, is a unique opportunity to get your nose and palate in to some of the great cellers of this region with 24 taking part. It’s a great social event and one does not have to be a wine snob in order to enjoy every drop of it. For 10 Euros you get a pouch with a glass and five wine tasting  vouchers  that you can exchange at any of the participating Cellers. No one takes the vouchers to the letter and you can actually taste as much as you like  with thousand of people take part judging, sniffing, tasting, slurping, note taking,  exchanging impressions and glasses.

Tarragona Blog’s personal favorite was the stunning Venus by  “la Universal” produced in Falset: it’s  a rich, intense drop which tasted a berries sweetened and ripened in the depth of summer,  Mediterranean woodland with a hint of cool and fragrant mountain air. Drink it, close your eyes and go on a journey. Not the cheapest, at 25 Euros a bottle,  but an absolute best.  The Dido, also produced by “la Universal” was another winner as was a beautiful organic garnacha made by Llunara so just look out for this wine makers when you are shopping around for wines in Tarragona.

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Venus la Universal, at Monsant Wine tasting event in Tarragona


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