Movie premiers at Tarragona’s new theatre


Hijo de Caín, the new Mediterranean psychological thriller filmed at Tarragona, opened last night at the new theater.  There was much anticipation even before the main stars of the movie, José Coronado, David Solans, Jack Taylor, Maria Molins, Julio Manrique, Helena De la Torre, made their appearance on the red carpet.

Directed by Tarragona’s own Jesús Monllaó Plana, the story permeates around the character of  Nico Albert, a teenagers with and obsession for chess and a dark and dangerous relationship with his family and the world around him. A child psychologist is hired by his parents in a desperate attempt to find out the truth behind his attitude which sets in motion a spiral of dramatic events.

It’s not the first time Tarragona has made in on the screen as the city, coast and beaches have been used before as location backdrops to adverts and television. The city has it’s own allocated ‘Film Office department‘ set up to showcase locations and facilitate the process of filming locally.


Still of the movie, showing Tarragona and Miracle beach in the background.

HIJO DE CAÍN – Trailer Oficial

Photos of the event

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