Tallers Oberts, open art in Tarragona

The ninth edition of Tallers Oberts,  is currently on show and its artistic output can be viewed through  the galleries, workshops , private studios ad street installations dotted around the old city.

The initiative,  independently funded by all those taking part, runs from the 6th to the 14th of September and showcases the many different styles, ideas, mediums and expressions which are  giving Tarragona its very own artistic new wave.

Things are changing rapidly and a new creative generation is emerging from the fading shadows of a past which has been dubbed a “cultural wasteland” . Perhaps this intellectual exile did also help to develop a very personal artistic interpretation, both original and refreshing.

Tallers Oberts does not offer a linear experience but a true jumble of styles, from the predictable to to a punch in your face. One of the best examples is  THE GRAY SQUARE  a small new gallery showing compelling work  from both national and international artists. Another new arrival is IDÌL.LIC  a workshop embracing the retro look  and contributing to  this years’ show with take away jars containing a secret recipe for Codonyat  (quince jelly).  LA COCOTTE which doubles as the best quirky cafè in town is also a showroom for local artists and currently showing the urban graphic artwork by MY CASITAS and compelling  conceptual and almost edible looking work by the artist collective of Bigòrnia.

LA PADRINA is another new workshop run by Maria Roig and the artis Jordi Llort. It currently shows the works of Llort which includes visual journey translated in minute aquarells and annotations, and a allegorical dissection of  of the subject of extreme fashion models which  is translated in to gaunt paintings exposing flesh, sex and bones with a hint to Mexican representation of the day of the dead.

Almost at the opposite spectrum is the pop cartoonish explosion from the group ALEGRIA INDIPENDIENTE,  not officially part of Tallers Oberts but gate crashing with gusto! Their grand opening featured an opera singer performing from the balcony and windows populated by the large head of Felix the Cat and Mozzilla. Inside are works by fashion extaordinaire Viki Tomàs, pop icons by Francesco – Hippienet  and those lovely wooden toy like urban scapes by  My Casitas,  drinks served by two straight faces professional models. Bravo!

But there is more, much, much more: there is Tarragona´s no.1 graphic wizzard MENSULA STUDIO,  the ESTUDI DE CREACIÒ with it´s photographic, ceramic and multimedia conceptual work, the latter courtesy of  Girona based artist Rosa Brugat,  artworks at view in shops windows.  There are also plenty of the traditional  on offer, caricatures, metal work and jewelry.   It is a real shame that this initiative only runs over two weekends (respectivally, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) terminating on the eve of the start of the festivities of Santa Tecla , but at least it gives a taster of the hidden modern art stream Tarragona has to offer.

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