Pau de Nut, one man and a cello

Meet Pau de Nut, musician, composer, performer extraordinaire and one of the most original local musical acts currently gracing the city’s unofficial art venues.

It’s seriously wet in Tarragona at the moment which gives the city a moody Nordic feel, so what is usually outside goes inside, and the shunned interiors of  cafes and bars fill up up with the sound of chatter and the coming and going of drinks. But walk past Bar Kino this wet Sunday evening and you will hear a sound that is something quite different.

Pau de Nut is a one man and his cello show, an unpredictable and uplifting musical meditation, punctuated by acid observations and sneering punctuation.  Starting with a soft pizzicato Pau de Nut launches in to a eccentric repertoire free of inhibitions and style. From Nirvana to Tango, from Thai pop to Spanish vintage songs, Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, Geoffrey Burgon (he of the Life of  Brian), homage to Totò, the great Italian comic, it’s all there, contained in the hundred of partitions from which songs are chosen with relish like random treats from a chocolate box.


The songs are a very personal and unique interpretations, engaging and uplifting,  complementing the bohemian interior of Cafe Kino in which old recycled chairs and tables are backed by green and red walls filled with empty gilded picture frames.

This  once a week unmissable performance usually takes place inside or outside Bar Kino on a Sunday at 8pm during winter and 9pm in the Summer. Entrance is free and an empty biscuit box is left behind for happy donations.


Map to Kino

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