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Tasting Peix Blau 2012

Follow up to previous post: just when you thought life could slow down a bit with the final day of Tarraco Viva over, in comes Peix Blau 2012, another gastronomic event made in Tarragona.

To give a teaser, the organisers have set up tapas hot spots  in Placa del Rey (Part Alta), central Tarragona and the Serrallo, each serving three signature tapas based on the fabled peix blau, a unique type of sardine only found in these waters. Sadly this is only a four hours event and if you want more you’ll have to wait for the start of Peix Blau 2012 next month.

Starting on the  1st to the 17th of June, Peix Blau 2012 will involve 29 restaurants, serving a tasting menu of between 5 and 8 different dishes, based on the Peix Blau as it’s central theme. The tasting menu will cost 20 or 30 Euros (depending on what and where) and includes  a glass of Inèdit, de Damm, the superlative beer which was born out of a collaboration between Estrella and Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler and the El Bulli’s sommeliers’ team.

If you are in Tarragona you can  pick up a well laid out (blue) brochure from any of the Turists kiosks of Tarragona which will list all the restaurant, location and menus.  Aproveche!

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