Processó del Sant Enterrament

The Processó del Sant Enterrament is the largest and oldest of its kind in Catalonia and the culmination of the Semana Santa in Tarragona.

Held on Easter Friday it is the largest of all the processions with over three thousand people taking part.

Although it was first recorded in 1750 although its origins go back to medieval times. 12 congregation participate, each with its own emblems and large devotional sculptures representing scenes from the calvary. Pushed on large float most of these religious symbols were rebuilt after the destruction caused by the anti clerical movement during the civil war.

It is an awesome long, dark, broody procession that takes its own dimension as the night takes over. Candles are lit and drums, grallas and horns pierce the air marking the steps of each congregation. It is as if the whole city had shrouded itself behind a dark veil, sinking into a long, turgid meditation.

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