Salou – Cós Blanc 2014


Salou, the hedonistic capital of Catalonia and the Costa Dorada, comes back in to life for a brief day in winter before falling asleep again till early spring. This  is formally known for its Cós Blanc (white things), its epicentre a gigantic parade of floats, 20 tonnes of confetti , gyroscopic light effects and thirty thousand people attending.

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mere 15 minutes drive from Tarragona, Salou is a strange beast of a place; dead like a dodo in the winter and heaving with revellers in the summer, it’s a magnet for students on a break,  families on a cheap package holidays and sun worshippers on a budget.  Safe, well tended, tolerant and welcoming, with a lovely stretch of beach flanked by a large, palm fringed promenade Salou is Salou and that is that.

The Cós Blanc is wildly anticipated as the first big party of the year: up to thirty floats take part, parading through the main streets which is transformed in to a gigantic disco venue. The Carnival floats,  the deafening music and gyroscopic light effect all play second fiddle to the main feature of the event: confetti, over twenty tonnes of the stuff is blown on to the streets and thrown by the truckloads from the floats.

Veterans of the festival attend with eye protection (sky goggles)  or by shielding their head with a fine net as the  the stuff gets everywhere as it’s scooped up the street and thrown back on to people. It get’s in to your eyes, nose, hair and lungs and it does not matter as its all part of the fun.

There are “confetti angles”, people stretched out in the ankle deep confetti cover and flapping their legs and arms, and confetti battles rage amongst the thirty thousand revellers well after the event is over.

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