Sant Magi 2013 Programme


Sant Magi is the celebration of water and music, and there is no better way to greet the hottest days of  summer than a mix of  music, watermelons, traditional processions honoring the hermit of the well, human towers and a grand super soak.

Here is a run down of  the main events running for the 14th to the 19th of August and  the full detail of which (in catalan) can be viewed and downloaded from here.

Wednesday 14

From 17:00 hours at the Camp de Mart you can view,sample, buy, the many things of on offer at the Artisanal Market, which runs for all four days of the festival.  At the same location at 22:00 hrs you can listen to Tarragona very own rock group “Soy un espia ruso” with their gritty rock funky renditions.  More music on the Passeig de les Palmeres with Sant Magí Summer Party V starting at the touch of midnight, courtesy of DJ  Mark Vick.

Thursday 15

If you love the iconic Vespa  go on the central stretch of the Rambla  from 9:00 am  where the Sortida en Vespa a Sant Magí de la Brufaganya will take place .The IV Travessa d’Andròmines de Sant Magí, essentially a raft race,  is scheduled at Miracle beach from 10:00 till 12:00.  And if you are a bit of a foodie head back to the Rambla where, from 11am till one in the morning, you can sample Els Sabors de Sant Magí, a traditional food fair with some truly succulent offerings. More music and events for all ages, taking place during the afternoon and evening at the Camp de Mart.

Friday 16

Things are beginning to heat up and get ready for a long night. First on the list is the  14è Festival de l’Associació de Músics de Tarragona Tabacalera, a music festival held in front of the Tabacalera in central Tarragona, and a line up of 8 local bands / artists ( Jorge Varela, NLS!, Bill Gómez, Sal 150, Empty Cage , Ü-rock , and Dame Besos). At 22:00 at the Camp de Mart it’s the turn of Barcelona’s cool indie pop band ManelIf you like a more classical display, head to Plaça de la Font for some traditional Catalan dancing  with the Dansa catalana amb l’Esbart Dansaire de Tarragona.  At Les Granotes  at 23:30 (above the amphiteatre)   more soul/pop/ funky Barcelona music scene with Betty Belle. At 24:00 hours you can listen to Concert d’Ivory which take their inspiration from the blues and rock of the 70’s.

Saturday 17 *****

If you live of stay anywhere near the Cathedral be ready for a hedonistic sleepless night…

Starting with  something off  the beaten and track head at 12:00 head to  Placa de la Font  for a Vermut electrònic de Dames i Vells celebrating 500 years of their history and 500 years of  dark irony and outrageous verses insulting all those in power, as you do! Nex door at Cós del Bou. you can find the Vermut electrònic amb The Party Tunes  for a tipical Vermouth sounds and tastes.

But things start with a little prelude at Pla de Seu (in front of the Cathedral)  with the Watermelon Pool. Organised by Tarragona’s mavericks La Pipel Entertainment.  Lots of little things in between but get ready at 23:00 hrs at Plaça de la Font for la Convidada a la Sindriada and follow the Tarragona’s own  Batukats del Bolet on a galvanising walk  through the streets of the old city.  At the same time, at Carrer Sant Llorenç (walk up from Placa del Forum)  the Parrillada Electrònica amb Superpandas DJ’s kicks off as does the  Concert/Revetlla Jove amb els Respectmark & The Incoherent Band as Cós del Bou (next to  Placa de la Font).

Next.. head up for the mythical La Sindriada at   Pla de Seu (in front of the Cathedral) where you get a thirst quenching slice of water melon for 50 cents and La Colònia providing the gutsy live entertainment through out the night.

Music also at the Camp de Mart with the Nit de concerts de la iMAGInada which runs till past 4am!

Sunday 18 *****

If you like quirky things head to the Rambla, in front of the Metropol Theatre at 10:00 to watch the Trobada d’intercanvi de plaques de cava where collectors of the metal seal that holds the cork in place buy, show and exchange their finds. With Catalonia’s prodigious Cava productionthere are thousands of these tops in circulation which are collected and exchanged with the same reverence as rare stamps.

There are free museum entry, music in Pla de Sedasso, Cós del Bou, down at the Serrallo and Camp de Marts but the main event is at 18:00 with the arrival of the traditional carts for the L’Entrada a Tarragona de l’aigua de Sant Magí at Placa de la Font. They are accompanied by the nanos vells (old dwarves)  which children queue up to shake hands with, horsemen and carts adorned with  wild basil.  Then, at 19:00, is the L’Arribada de l’aigua, the arrival of the holy water and at 19:15 La Pujada cap al Portal del Carro takes off, with the solemn procession winding its way up to the Curch of Sant Magi, behind the Cathedral.

At 20.30 at Placa de la Font  you can watch the the traditional  Ball de gegants, with Tarragonas giant effigies dancing in the square.  But the real fun takes place at 23.30 in Plaça del Rei with the one of Tarragona’s best party pieces La Revetlla Remullada, when the whole square filled with revelers  drenched in  an hour long shower of water  at the sound of cheesy music. Also at 23.30 more live performance in Plaça de la Font, the Gardens of the Amphitheater and Camp de Mart.

Monday – 19th August

A great day to watch Tarragona’s human castles at work: Xiquets de Tarragona, Xiquets del Serrallo i Castellers de Sant Pere i Sant Pau will display their skills in Plaça de la Font at 12:00.

At 18:00 starting from Plaça de la Font, is the L’Anada a Professó amb el Seguici de Sant Magí, a wonderful procession where the  Magí de les Timbales, gegantons Negritos, Gegants Moros, Gegant Vells de la ciutat i del Cós del Bou, Nanos Vells, Nanos Nous, Ball de Bastons, Bastoners de l’Esbart Santa Tecla, grallers, timbalers, colles castelleres i Banda Unió Musical de Tarragona parade through the old streets of Tarragona which is followed at 19:00 hrs by a solemn religious procession, La Professó de Sant Magí.

At 21:00 is the Entrada de Sant Magí a la capella del Portal del Carro, the entry of Sant Magi in the Chapel of the Portal del Carro which is followed by a display of walking pillars and fireworks. The same procession makes its way back form the Chapel to  Plaça de la Font where the Tanda de lluïment del Seguici de Sant Magí takes place at 21:30 as the final act of the celebrations.


The music

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The procession

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The big soak

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