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Sant Magí: human castels drama and one final procession


On the final day of  the festival of  Sant Magí , there was euphoria, drama, broken bones and a last processional stroll filled with exhaustion and release.

Castells, Torres i Pilars

Plaça de les Cols was filled to saturation with thousand of spectators pressing around the four groups of Human Castles which represent Tarragona: the Xiquets de Tarragona, Colla Jove Xiquets de Tarragona, the Xiquets del Serrallo and the Colla Castellera  Sant Pere i Sant Pau.  Under the gaze of the cameras of the media overlooking the events from Pla de la Seu, a whirlwind of red striped, mauve, blue and green shirts started grouping up and the first two of seven (that´s when the tower goes up by seven layers supported by two people per level) was faultlessly executed by the Colla of Sant Pere i Sant Pau.

Next was the turn of the Xiquets de Tarragona with their first euphoric three of nine of the season, followed by the Colla Jove in full form with another  three of nine. The Xiquest del Serrallo managed the first seven of seven of their history but it was their second attempt of building a five of seven which went dramatically wrong as the castell collapsed under its own weight, leading to 11 people injured, a frantic ambulance chase and the suspension of the event.

Just before that Colla Jove had produced the most stunning nine of eight, the first ever castle of that size produced in that square.

La Professó de Sant Magí

The last event of the Sant Magí festivities forthis year, provided a welcome relief to the exhaustion and dramatic scenes of the previous hours.  It was a festive, relaxed and almost informal stroll around the perimeter of the Cathedral . It was the giant and dwarfs  effigies bowing at the foot of the alley which leads up to the chapel of the saint,  the large float of the saint carried up for one last time, the little angel and roman soldiers and the hundreds of castellers, some on crutches, egging each other on and celebrating their best effort so far. They had just one more task at hand: as they day closed each group raised a walking human pillar of five which departed from the foot of Portal del Carro and walking up to Sant Magì´s chapel.  A beautiful ending  to four memorable days.


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