Santa Tecla diary 2013 – day six

Santa Tecla Tarragona modern dance

Thursday is the day of the Cercavila de la Santa Tecla Petita, the little people edition of the festival where everything is re-enacted in a diminutive size.  But there is also a space for the arts with  Tarragona´s own dance company Sagardoy/Bravo Plan B performing El Factor Humá at the amphitheater.

The streets of the old city are teaming with thousand of children, pushed forward in to front row to see the passing of the Santa Tecla Petita.  This is the antithesis of the English adagio that “children should not be seen or heard”  as this is their big day, their unrestrained mayhem, filled with brass bands, mini giants, the small editions of the zoomorphic bestiary of Tarragona,  dancing toddlers and baby devils.

There is a fantastic attention to detail as all the costumes are the exact copy of the one which will be worn by the adult performers at the coming Sunday. The small edition of the Vibria, Dragon and Bull all spurting fire as they are carried along the narrow streets with just a touch of adult supervision.  The golden Aliga is carried around with aplomb with the bearer occasionally surfacing to wipe the sweat of  his face and the mini diables perform their dance at the steps of the Cathedral.

If there was a ranking of children’s festival the Cercavila de la Santa Tecla Petita would certainly come top.

As night falls and the last notes of Amparito Roca fade  in to the distance it’s time to head to the Amphitheater where  local dance company Sagardoy/Bravo Plan B will be performing El Factor Humá in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the  Grupo de Ciudades Patrimonio de la Humanidad when 13 different cities will convert their squares and parks in to art venues.

It’s an energetic and modern  performance  featuring 12 dancers and a sofa as a central piece.

The lights are dimmed, voices hushed down and the dance begins.

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