Santa Tecla diary – day3

The Vibria of Santa Tecla

The mythical Vibria, this strange creature part woman, part eagle, part snake and part bat descended on to the square of the Cathedral to meet those who love her more, the children of  Tarragona.

In a lovely tradition the Vibria descends the steps of the Cathedral and then paraded around before being gracefully deposited on to the cobbled pavement. This is when the magic happens: the children surround their more treasured possession, their dummy, and entrust it to the Vibria for safe keaping. In return the Vibria releases a lolly and a printed certificate with a date promising to look after the dummy for ever.

After hundreds of dummies have been placed on her extensions, the Videa raises and makes her way to Placa de la Font, on to the Rambla Vella and back to her home at the Casa de la Festa, accompanied by her faithful entourage.

There was a bit of a collusion with a large group of Rosita worshippers wearing bright organge t-shirts and accompanied by a band (the Rosita is a fantastic locally brewed beer, rich in hops with a hit of honey) – after all, this is Santa Tecla and everything goes!

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