Santa Tecla diary – day 4

La Baixadeta, Santa Tecla Tarragona

In another endearing collusion of events at Santa Tecla where La Baixadeta met with Slow Food Tarragona, same old quarter, different squares.

“La Baixadeta de l’Aligueta, la Mulasseta i el Lleonet” is part of the Santa Tecla events for children and done with great gusto. Diminutive representations of three of the main figures of Tarragona’s Seguici Popular, the little Eagle (symbol of the town), Mule and Lion are carried down the main artery of old Tarragona to Placa de la Font, amongst the delight of the thousand of children lined up on the side of the streets. There is a cacophony of music provided by three gusty brass bands and even adults are pulled in to the fun.

Meanwhile, at the opposite Placa de Rei a whole feast has been laid out courtesy of the Slow Food movement in Tarragona. Having splurged on organic wines at the recent Montsant presentation on the Rambla, this was a good opportunity to taste some organic local beers instead and there was some rich offering on show: Tarragona’s own lovely Rosita but also the clean and rich in hops Segareta and one made with a touch of Grenacha wine and surprisingly palatable. Lots of food all made with good salt of the earth ingredients and not one bit of additive in sight. Great to see Tarragona joining the Slow Food movement as it’s hill are rich in produce mostly grown and looked after the good old fashion way.

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