Santa Tecla diary – day 6

Santa Tecla, Tarragona - children's correfoc

This is when the children’s version of Tarragona’s Santa Tecla breaks out in to the type of anarchy that would make the Lord of the Flies proud.

But one thing at the time; first bit is about cake which was served on immense rows of tables lined up along Placa de la Font. It’s the Braç de Santa Tecla, a kind of creamy Swiss Roll, is fiercely guarded by it’s makers, and feeds thousands!

Rows of cakes at Santa Tecla

And now the main bit. While during the previous evening we saw a beautiful, relatively orderly parade of children re-enacting their own version of the celebration, the Correfoc (this could be translated as Running Fires) was pure mayhem. Four grops of little devils (literally) had set up on various points of the Rambla and at 7.30 it all started: welcome to the underworld.

Within minutes the Rambla got engulfed in smoke, ear shattering noise, showers of sparks in which all the children kept running in holding on to their straw hats and screaming like banshees. As far as kids ‘entertainment’ goes this is top. The overwhelming chaos lasted for over one hour and was underpinned by the relentlessly dark rolling of drums as the devil advanced to the Mediterranean Balcony before the shower of fire grand finale.

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