Santa Tecla diary – day 7, part2

Santa Tecla, the Fall of the Retinue

The night of the Friday sees an event which is known as the Fall of the Retinue and Bands, basically informal chaos.

This truly insane part of Santa Tecla starts at midnight at below,on the steps and in square of the Cathedral, packed to the point of implosion with revelers. This when all attempt to do a parade are abandoned, instead you just have hundred of thousand of people swilling from their Chartreuse pods singing their heads off at the sound of Amparito Roca and trying to follow the Eagle, Giants, Lion and Mule carried around some kind of route.The party pieces are adorned with satirical and political paraphernalia and carried around by more party goers and inebriated bands.

If there is a meaning to this it was no where to be seen but if you could put the whole population of this planet in to one big square it would just look just like this.

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