Santa Tecla highlight – Human Towers

Castellers at Santa Tecla

The main Human Towers display of the Santa Tecla festivities takes place the first Sunday in a square crammed with spectators.

Taking part in this astonishing feat, overshadowed for the occasion by a gigantic Catalan Republican flag, were the colla Xiquets of Tarragona, Jove Xiquets of Tarragona, Vella dels Xiquets of Valls and Castellers of Vilafranca del Penedès. The traditional “gralla”, that strident and unmistakable sound of the Catalan Oboe, underpinned by the dramatic beat of a drum, announced the making of a Tower in a scenario that has been re-enacted for Santa Tecla since the 18th century.

Every colla, in competition against the anothers and show off who is best, performed fourth rounds including a very complicated pillars formation (this is when the colla dissembles leaving only one upright row stainding) . Most were completed in spectacular fashion, other dramatically collapsed on to it self, and Tarragona’s own, the Colla Jove, won the day with the best execution.

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