Santa Tecla highlight – Mamadeta

Mamadeta at Santa Tecla in Tarragona

Chartreuse is to Tarragona what Whiskey is to Scotland and since it’s a rather potent concoction devised by Chartusian monks in the 1740’s – at some point in history someone had the bright idea to create lemonade slush to it: thus the Mamadeta was born!

Mamadeta is the official Santa Tecla drink and it stares you in the face from every angle as the bright green mandatory plastic pod (basically a reinvented cocktail shaker) that allows one to drink, hold a camera, and multi task with the other hand, is sold at every corner in Tarragona.  If you are a teetotaler you  can cheat and fill it up with the many slushes available, but true Mamadeta supporters will only go for the real thing: take your Mamadeta pod to a refill station and the bartender will open it and fill it with lemonade slush, add a measure (or two) of chartreuse and hand it back to be consumed on the move. Mamadeta is in great demand during the two weekends of the festival so prepare to queue. Tarragona verdict is that is tastes delicious, especially when not too much sugar is added to the lemon slush. A Mamadeta pod is around 3.50 euros and a refill around 5 or 6 euros, depending where you are buying it from.

// UPDATE!!!

First of all we used the wrong definition for the Mamadeta container: not a pot but a Barillet!

Second, we failed to mention one all important details: when they fill your Barillet they will first add a measure of Chartreuse and then fill it with slush > you then take the Barillet, close it and shake it so that the two ingredients mix (and this is why the Barillet looks very much like a cocktail shaker) > then stick a straw in it and sip carefully as the Chartreuse works in mysterious ways and hits your weary senses when you least expect it.

Raffa Gelati has just tweeted us that they are now doing Mamadeta Ice Cream!

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