Dancing the Sardana

My first encounter with a Sardana, the popular dance held in an ever widening circle, so  typical of Catalonia.  To outsiders it may look a little odd as the music played by  the Cobla ( consisting of 10 brass instruments, a tambourine / flute player and a bass) is not synchronised with the dance it self. Yet taking part at the Sardana is something that unites people and everyone can take part.

The couple which started off the dance was soon joined by others passing by: grandfathers, teenagers, housewives, children, all holding hands together and moving along the gentle sound of the music.

The Sardana is quintessentially Catalonian, so much so that it was banned by the Francoist dictatorship (together with the Catalan language) as it was seen as an expression of Catalonian independence; this, no doubt, reinforced it’s popularity amongst locals even further and can be seen performed an special occasions all over Catalonia.

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