All about Chartreuse gastronomy

Tarragona has a third, ubiquitous and unmistakable patron, one which sits in the kitchen of every household, restaurant and bar and sells by the crate during Santa Tecla: the unmistakable Chartreuse.

Chartreuse ice cream

With the start of Summer ice cream becomes as mandatory as cold beer, and Tarragona has it’s own fair share of ice cream parlors competing with flavours.

Mousse de Chartreuse

The versatility of Chartreuse, this time incarnated in to a a firm mousse topped with a thin layer of caramelised sugar served with no fuss at the small and established pastisseria / confiteria / cafeteria Conde.

Tarragona Chartreusito

Marry Tarragona’s favourite liqueur Chartreuse with a Mojito and you get a Chartreusito!