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Tarraco Viva – Augustus the God

This is  the year Tarraco Viva comes of age, and the homage to Augustus has proven so far an exceptional platform enabling the spectator to explore in full the depth of  Roman society and its times.

One must remember that this is a historical presentation and not theatre, punctuated by a narration which fully unveils the details aspects surrounding the life of the emperor, religious influences,warfare, food, diplomacy and death.

Augustus the God is a powerful presentation by Nemesis ARQ, an immersion into the religious revival of the age brought by Augustus in his quest to define Roman spirituality and to the  propagation of the myth of  the Emperor / God.  The narrative opens with the Sibilla and delves in to the religious practices of the time  culminating with a rendition of the Lupercalia, the celebrations of shepherds carried out to purify the city.

The replica of the Ara Pacis stands in the background, emblematic, on its walls are  carved  the spiritual achievement of the age  with  religious symbolism gathered from every corner of the Roman empire.  The presentation closed with Augustus old, almost a shadows, walking in the darkness accompanies by a group of vestals.

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