Tarraco Viva – The cult of Isis and the ceremony of the sea

The roman historical  immersion that is Tarraco Viva  in Tarragona continued last sunset on the sandy shores of Altafulla where the reconstruction group Nemesis ARQ presented the key elements of worship by the romans of the Egyptian goddess Isis to a public of over 500.

The cult of Isis spread from Egypt during the Greek / Hellenistic period after the invasion of Alexander the Great, arriving in Rome at the end of the second century A.D.

As a departure from the worship pattern of  the times, it allowed women to become priestesses who, along their male counterpart performed the complex rituals of initiation.

With little imagination it was easy to forget that one was sitting on the shores of 21st century Mediterranean. Close your eyes, listen to the rattle of the sistrum, that strange percussion instrument which were given magical and protective powers, think your self back two thousand years ago, the chant, the smell of incense and burning candles, the great fertile womb of the sea and the offering of a small boat carried away by its tide.

For more information about the festival, see  tarracoviva.com

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